Secondary school
Mohammad Akbar Pamir

in Pul-i Tscharchi, east of Kabul | Extension of the school building 2015

In October 2014, the BMZ (Ministry for Economic cooperation) approved the extension of the girls’ school in Pul-i Tscharchi by an additional floor.
The school was hopelessly overcrowded, some children were taught sitting on the floor or in the open. The building activities began in March 2015, the building was extended by one floor with 10 classrooms and two side rooms. At the same time, benches, tables and chairs were produced by local manufacturers.

With the extension of this girls-only school, it is possible to teach most of the classes in classrooms in three shifts. This means that more girls, presumably also older ones, can attend the school; for older girls, attending a mixed school (even with lessons in separate classes) is very problematic and often not possible for cultural reasons. Many of them get now, with the extended capacities of the girls’ school, a chance for education up to their A-levels.This is a great opportunity for the families in Afghanistan in these uncertain times after the withdrawal of ISAF.The extension was, under very difficult political and security conditions, inaugurated by Mrs. Noor in August 2015.