Our association

Founding history

In October 2002, the Independent Afghan Women Association was established by ten Afghans. Our aim is to aid jointly and directly in the reconstruction of our war-torn country, alongside many others.

Diversity of cultures

Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic state as well as a pluralist society. We contribute to restoring diversity as cultural wealth through information and education. Women serve as the cornerstone and centre of the Afghan family, which in turn forms the basis of Afghan society. Through our efforts for and with women, we aim to promote democratisation and peace processes in our troubled nation.

Who are we today?

We are a diverse group of individuals passionate about Afghanistan, hailing from various countries and cultures, all united by our interest in showcasing Afghanistan’s unique culture in Germany.

Sponsor of our association is Mrs. Luise Scherf (wife of the former mayor of Bremen).


You have the opportunity to become an active or a supporting member of our association.
As a supporting member, you can donate regularly or at discretion.

Our managing committee

  • Laila Noor


  • Tarek Noor

    Second chair

  • Christa Brehm


  • Sarah Meyer


  • Danielle Helms


  • Prof. Dr. Karen Smith Stegen