Secondary school Ghulam Mohammad Farhad

in Pul-i Tscharchi, east of Kabul | 2. School building 2010

Our association has built a second school building on the 24,000 square metre site of the first school, which was also built by the IAWA in Pul-i Tscharchi. Mrs. Noor had noticed, during her visit in the spring of 2010, that some children were taught sitting on the floor, as by then their number had increased by to 6,300.

The IAWA now financed the construction of another school building, after guidelines of the Ministry of Education, on the grounds of the old school with 12 classrooms, one teacher’s and conference room and five toilets for the price of 123,000 dollars. On 23. March 2011, this school was officially inaugurated by Mrs. Noor. Among the guests were the senior minister Mr. Asla and the deputy minister for education, Mr. Pathmann.