Events 2017

The project in 2017

Dear friends, dear members, dear ladies and gentlemen!

‚What is a stone to the common man is a pearl to the knowledgeable‘.

This saying by the Persian-speaking poet Dschalal ad-Din Rumi shows us how important education is! And we are sure that our schools will help to ensure a good future for the children in Afghanistan.
With this Christmas circular, I send you the new IAWA flyer, in which you can find almost everything about our work, above all, of course, our school projects in Afghanistan. Only our latest school project, which we carry out at the request of the Afghan government with the help of the Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ) in the 6. district of Kabul is not yet listed. It is an extension of an existing building, the Ghulkhane School, a school which, at the moment, is attendend by about 3,200 girls and 2,300 boys, who are taught in 2-3 shifts, partly in classrooms and partly outdoors. Works on the second floor with 8 classrooms are already well advanced. The inauguration should actually take place in November, but due to the political situation and the fact that schools in Afghanistan are closed in winter, the opening will be in March. I would like to give my heartfelt thanks again to all sponsors for supporting the work of the IAWA. Special thanks are also due to the sponsors, who had asked for a donation for the IAWA instead of gifts for their birthdays, as well as to some sponsors who have organized events on behalf of the IAWA. Without these donations, we would not be able to carry out our successful work at the schools; the BMZ is thankfully supporting us with the new buildings, but for the preservation, repair, furnishing, the day-care centers, etc. the IAWA is still responsible. Thanks to this generous aid from the sponsors and the BMZ, schools have been created, from 2005 to now, for more than 13,000 girls and boys in the Kabul area.
And like every year, I would also like to thank the Board and the two members Daud Noorzai and Heinrich Kochs for their tireless commitment to the IAWA.
You can always find out about current events and activities of the association on our website I would also like to mention briefly the celebration at the Afghan Embassy, on the occasion of the 98th. Afghan Independence Day at the Hotel Maritim in Berlin, where I was able to host an event on Afghan culture with music, dances and my creations to over 350 guests, as well as presenting the work of the IAWA.
On our website, you can also find a reference to our stationery set with motifs from Afghanistan, which you can obtain from each member of the board for 15 €, as well as the book „Aminas Welt“ by Marianne Schmidt-Dumont, which you can buy here for 20 € in favor of the IAWA – a little book of stories of an Afghan girl, combined with recipes and photos from Afghanistan.
I wish you and your families – also on behalf of the Board – a merry Christmas and, above all, a peaceful New Year, in which we will hopefully also find peace in the Middle East!